Example description: Card Storage with Upsell Offer

In this demo example you have Custom Form with enabled support for verification for a Payment with Credit Card storage. Once the payment has been processed and the card is stored.

Fill the form with a valid name, email and a valid card* number (or use default values clicking on the EXAMPLE DATA button).


Click on the button to fill the form fields:
Test Card number: 4000 0000 0000 0002
Expiration date: valid date
CVV: 3 digit number





Card data

Use your card
Your card data is stored securely. More information
Select card and enter CVV
Secure payment by CentralPay

Step 1

Collecting the personal information and credit card data. All required fields must be filled before sending data. Select the Remember my card option to store your card.

Step 2

Card data is sent to CentralPay through the browser with token.js. CentralPay stores the card data and returns the CardTokenID to the merchant form. Using the CardToken ID, a new Customer ID is requested.

Step 3

Either if it's a new card or an existing one, use your Customer ID / Card ID validated with the CVV to process a new transaction.

Step 4

The Payment Authentication Response, Customer ID / Card ID, currency, amount, and order data are sent to the API by submitting the form. CentralPay creates a Transaction and returns TransactionId with JSON response to the merchant.
Try a new transaction using the Customer / Card created here