Example description: Subscription Signup

In this example, a Custom Form is used to manage a Subscription Signup based on a previously configured SubscriptionModel. This demo was designed on the basis of 3 used cases:

  • Basic: 1€ is charged every day during 3 days.
  • Standard: 1€ is charged at the order and the subscription starts a day +1 with 3€ per day for 3 days.
  • Premium: 5€ is charged per day with no ending date.

In the first example (basic), a first invoice of the subscription is charged when the Subscription Object is created (as no starting date is set). The following days (it could be also one or more weeks or months) new invoices of the same subscription is charged until the Subscription end date (configured in the SubscriptionModel, it can be an integer or unlimited invoices). After confirmation, to access the customer portal, you can click on "manage my subscription" to cancel it or use another card.

Fill the form with a valid name, email and a valid card* number (or use default values clicking on the EXAMPLE DATA button).





Card data

Select card and enter CVV
Secure payment by CentralPay
  • Basic: 1€ per day during 3 days.
  • Standard: 1€ for 24 hours and then 3€ per day for 3 days.
  • Premium: 5€ per day indefinitely.

Step 1

Collecting the personal information and credit card data. All required fields must be filled before sending data. Select the Remember my card option to store your card.

Step 2

Card data is sent to CentralPay through the browser with token.js. CentralPay stores the card data and returns the CardTokenID to the merchant form. Using the CardToken ID, a new Customer ID is requested.

Step 3

Either if it's a new card or an existing one, use your Customer ID / Card ID validated with the CVV to process a new subscription.

Step 4

The Payment Authentication Response, Customer ID / Card ID, currency, amount, and order data are sent to the API by submitting the form. CentralPay creates a subscription and returns subscriptionId with JSON response to the merchant.

Try a new subscription using the Customer / Card created here